Saturday, December 10, 2016

Anheuser-Busch Brewery Tour (St. Louis, Missouri)

Visiting breweries across the country was not one of our original goals when we set out on the road nine years ago, but when you find yourself in parts of the country where historic breweries are located, what else are you going to do? And, I can’t lie, I enjoy these tours, especially the free tastings! J The Anheuser-Bush Brewery is more than just a fun place to hang out and taste beer, though. Opened in 1852 by German immigrant Adolphus Bush, the brewery was designated a U.S. National Historic Landmark in 1966, recognizing the company’s importance in the history of beer brewing and distribution in the United States.

Spread over 142 acres, this brewery ranks number one in beer production in the United States, and during the tour we were able to see where the beer is produced, packaged, and distributed. Our guide provided us with a running narrative of the company’s history, beers that have come and gone, information about the Clydesdale horses, and little known bits of trivia surrounding beer production in general.

What I noticed was how ornate the Brew House was, with its beautiful chandeliers, stained glass windows, and intricate iron work. And while I’m not a fan in general of using animals to entertain humans, I have to concede that the Clydesdale horses’ living quarters at this facility were more posh than many a hotel. They seem to be treated very well, at least as far as the public is shown.


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